• Co-ops have history in Australia of significant Capital raises
  • Many household names are co-operatives all of whom successfully raise funds in the market
  • 1st Co-operative registered in 1803
  • Example - Capricorn Automotive Co-operative have raised in the region of $80


  • Conventional business structure
  • Over 1000 million global members. These have significant economic and social impact
  • In 2008, the world’s 300 largest co-ops generated revenues of more than US$1.6 trillion
  • Co-ops are governed by their members, who typically invest in the co-operative and have an ownership stake 
  • Co-operatives raise money from investors including issuance of Co-operative Capital Units, which are secured across all assets of the Co-operative
  • Investor ability to make a strategic investment direct in CCU (Co-operative Capital Units)